Friday, January 9, 2015


Back in January of last year I decided to test my psychic powers by making some technology predictions for 2014. I am happy to report that my psychic powers suck. Perhaps that is a bit harsh as I managed to nail a few easy ones but I would certainly not ask me for stock tips. Here are some highlights:

Last year I predicted, This will finally be the breakout year for wearable computing devices such as watches, headsets and bracelets.” This was way easy and of course I nailed it. Fitness bracelets are all the rage now and I recently purchased my first smartwatch. However, I predicted that Google Glass would enjoy “lukewarm” success. Lukewarm was far too strong a word. Glass is “eyewear” that sports some computing power, a camera and a small screen that beams information straight into your eyeball. It’s too early to call it a failure but the current incarnation of this device is dead. Neither Google or I anticipated that people would react so negatively to the thought of people wearing a video camera on their head all the time. I still have hopes of Glass causing a revolution in niche industries such as medicine and aviation but you troglodytes ruined my geek party for now.

I predicted that Apple would release a smartwatch that would revolutionize the (then) burgeoning new smartwatch industry. Apple did “announce” one but it will not be released until at least March of this year. It appears to be super cool but no more “revolutionary” than current smartwatch offerings.

I predicted that not much would happen with regards to combining the television with your computer. Sure ‘nuff, we are still streaming video through Netflix just like we did in 2010 and doing our computing the same way we’ve done it for decades.

I predicted that 2014 would be the year for affordable home 3D printers. I totally hosed that one. The ability to print your own army men and Tupperware is still a few years off. Booo.

I predicted that Microsoft stock would fall from $36 to less that $30. It now trades at $47. Oops!  I also predicted Microsoft would offer an update that would make Windows 8 less horrible. They will do so but not until the fall of 2015. I predicted that Apple and Google stocks would increase by at least 25%. I nailed Apple but Google is down at least 10%. I predicted that Bitcoin would be worthless. One Bitcoin was worth about $1000 last January. It now trades at $300.

So, out of 10 predictions, I nailed 4 easy ones. I reckon that’s better than your average psychic but I think I’ll keep my day job. I’ll test my abilities against in the next article. Happy New Year!


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