Thursday, September 19, 2013


Prior to 2 years ago, I had DirecTV for television and telephone/slow DSL internet service from AT&T. I was paying well over $200/mo for all these services. But I wanted higher speed internet and reliable home phone service at a cheaper price. That’s not too much to ask, is it? AT&T Uverse finally came to my neighborhood and met my demands. I signed up immediately.

I’ve been pleased with Uverse for the most part but my total bill back then (phone, internet and TV) was over $200 per month. That expense was severely impacting my wine habit. So about a year ago, I wrote an article explaining how I ordered MagicJack for my home phone service and severed my phone service with AT&T. MagicJack is only $20 per year compared to $480 per year for standard phone service. That left me with a Uverse TV/Internet bundle that still cost $130 per month ($1560/yr). So when my 2 year contract with Uverse ran out, I started searching for a cheaper way to keep myself entertained and connected.

My first step was to threaten AT&T with leaving unless they gave me a better deal. They essentially said exactly what my girlfriend in high school said when I made the same threat: “It’s been real. See ya.”

So I did what any manly-man would do after a epic rejection: I pouted for a while then went on the
prowl. I explored a new relationship from Comcast. No luck there. Their combined internet and TV bundle for the channel line-up I wanted was exactly what I had been paying AT&T. So that forced me to look for ala carte packages from alternatives.

Long story short, I settled with “naked” (internet only) internet service from Comcast for $35.00 per month plus a $35.00 per month deal from DirecTV for a superb channel lineup. The DirecTV deal is good for one year. After that, it will go to $70.00 per month. During that time, I will have saved $720/yr over what I was paying AT&T. Even cooler is that DirecTV service rocks. Their “whole house” DVR is comparable to AT&T’s or Comcast’s service. But the improvement in high def picture quality is amazing. Comcast’s internet speed and reliability is second to none so, overall, I’m much more pleased with my new services.

So, in all, I cut my television/internet from $130 to $70/mo ($720/ yr savings). But over a two year period, I’ve cut my total TV/phone/internet by $1180/yr. How awesome izzat?

If you choose to chase after these kinds of deals, do your friends a favor. Comcast, Uverse and DirecTV offer bonuses for referrals. So once you decide on a plan, spread the love by asking one of your friends to refer you and let them collect the referral fee. They will love you for it.

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