Monday, November 1, 2010


I’ve saved you the trouble in researching all the candidates. Here is your cheat sheet on who to vote for. Stick with me and we can fix what’s wrong with Alabama.

For those who have not done their research before voting tomorrow I hope you will consider one thing: Don’t vote a straight ticket. Some of the democratic and republicans are idiots. Some are brilliant. None of them are without fault. Voting a straight ticket, to me, means “I’m too stupid or lazy to consider the merits of all the candidates.” Trust me, I’ve done that before and lived to regret it.

If you don't feel like reading the whole ting, please see my cheat sheet at the bottom of the page then GO VOTE!

Governor: Robert Bentley. I’ve got no problems with “gambling” per se. If people want to do stupid things with their own money, so be it. But mixing the corrupt industry of gambling with the corrupt industry of Alabama Politics is a recipe for disaster. Bentley’s opponent will allow those corrupt influences in Alabama.

Lieutenant Governor: Jim Folsom irritates me when he speaks. I know, a childish observation but there it is. As much as it pains me to vote for “Big” Jim Folsom (I despise nicknames in politicians), Kay Ivey’s role in the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Plan debacle as STATE TREASURER makes her wholly unqualified for the job.

US Senator: Richard Shelby. He has not embarrassed Alabama and his stances on the bailouts were steadfast.

US Representative: Mo Brooks. Steve Raby has no experience except as a lobbyist. His obvious involvement with the recent PAC to PAC money laundering schemes (despite his denials) are troubling. I had Mo at my house and have worked closely with him in other areas and believe him to be a man of strong character. We don’t agree on all things but he has some strong conservative opinions on the financial mess we are in and we are in agreement on those issues. As an economist with conservative fiscal values, he is clearly the best man for the job.

Attorney General: Tough choice. Both will be infinitely better than Troy King who is a loose gun in Alabama politics. We need an AG that will work with the governor, not against him. Both have great experience and good reputations. I will have to give the nod to the candidate who shares the same political party as the governor and pretty sure the next governor will be Bentley so that means I’ll probably vote for Luther Strange. Then again, perhaps the governor needs a check and balance which would mean James Anderson?

State Senator: Tammy Irons. She’s done good for us locally. She’s also my neighbor and has priomised to build a runway in my backyard. I also have some old dealings with Freeman that cause me to question his motivations for running.

Supreme Court Place 1: Another tough choice but I go for Rhonda Chambers. She has a little more experience. I also believe firmly in “checks and balances” in our government. If all the major races are going to the republicans, I want some limiting influence from the left. A Justice should consider the Constitution and the law only but we all know some personal influences seep in from time to time. So, Chambers is my man, er woman.

Supreme Court Place 2: Tom Edwards. The other guy, Mike Bolin, has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from some questionable PACs while Edwards is on a crusade for campaign finance reform. On the other hands, the Alabama Education Association handily supports Edwards. I hate our corrupt campaign finance issue even more than I despise the AEA so Edwards gets my vote.

Supreme Court place 3: Mac Parsons versus Tom Parker: Incumbent Tom Parker DOES NOT WORK. He has the largest backlog of any other supreme. He is paid to hand out opinions. Instead, he wrote roughly half as many as each of the other eight justices. Mac Parsons is clearly the man for the job.

Appeals Judge: Deborah Passeur. Experience matters.

Secretary of State: Scott Gilliland: Beth Chapman has been tied to double dipping schemes and using campaign money to pay personal expenses. Enough of that! Gilliland promises to work on campaign finance reform so gets my vote.

State Treasurer: Charley Grimsley versus Young Boozer. It’s hard to get excited about this one. I don’t like either candidate. Roy Moore and Grimsley were in bed together and I don’t like Grimsley’s close association with religious fundamentalists. Both are experience bankers so if I have to vote for one of them, Young Boozer gets the edge.

State Auditor: Who gives a damn? I don’t even feel like researching this one.

Commissioner of Agriculture. These are the people responsible for approving the extra 3 digits when dialing a local number. The lucky winner gets his name stamped on all gas station pumps. Yee hah. Glenn Zorn served as deputy director so has a lot more experience so he gets my vote.

Public Service Commission Place 1 – Yee hah again. Non of the above. I’m not voting on this one. Cavanaugh has been accused of not working much and I just can’t vote for someone named “Twinkle.”

Public Service Commission Place 2: Parker. Just because the TimesDaily says so.

District Court: James Hall. We’ve had some dealings in the courtroom for both candidates. James Hall runs it with precision and Medley’s was a confusing mess.

State Representative: Quinton Hanson. I know the man. He is of great character and a savvy businessman. I also agree with many of his leanings on various issues.

State Representative: Lynn Greer versus Mike Curtis. It’s hard to get excited about this one. Greer is an old school Alabama politician. I’ve listened to him speak and he irritates me. Mike has done a decent enough job for his district to I vote to keep him aboard.

Governor: Robert Bentley
Lieutenant Governor: Jim Folsom
US Senator: Richard Shelby
US Representative: Mo Brooks
Attorney General: coin toss. Luther Strange or James Anderson
State Senator: Tammy Irons
Supreme Court Place 1: Rhonda Chambers
Supreme Court Place 2: Tom Edwards
Supreme Court place 3: Mac Parsons
Appeals Judge: Deborah Passeur
Secretary of State: Scott Gilliland
State Treasurer Young Boozer
Commissioner of Agriculture: Glenn Zorn
Public Service Commission Place 1: Don't Care!
Public Service Commission Place 2: Parker
District Court: James Hall
State Representative: Quinton Hanson
State Representative: Mike Curtis

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